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Document Scanning

There are warehouses throughout this country filled with boxes of documents. Large law firms often refer to their document storage rooms as war rooms. These rooms usually hold the promise of an important discovery for a large case in litigation. As of recently, there has been a move to convert these documents to electronic storage.

Electronic storage provides law firms and many other businesses with many benefits. A business can manage and access documents from a computer, providing easy access to important files. While Worldwide Dictation specializes in transcription services, we can also help you with your document conversion process. As you dictate your files, you can choose the method of delivering them to us. We transcribe a document quickly and thoroughly, then check the documents over for mistakes and then upload them onto our secure server. You will receive an email notification when the documents are ready, and then you can download your files at your own convenience. You also are given a username and password to ensure the confidentiality of your files.

One huge aspect of document conversion is the benefit to the infrastructure of your office. Files can be maintained via an online database, and can be managed from multiple offices. Not only does this allow for more organization around your office, but it also provides a greater sense of security for your important documents. The communication and work structure of your office will be elevated to a much more efficient and effective level. The hassle and stress of lost and destroyed documents will be remedied thanks to the safety and security of Worldwide Dictation.

BVTSP can be a trusted partner in this conversion to efficiency and organization. We offer a range of transcription services, as well web hosting and voice recognition programs.