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STAT - Transcription & Billing Services

We provide STAT (Short Turnaround Time) services for transcription and medical billing services on best possible rates. STAT reports returned within 4 hours after receipt of voice files & VR.

About Us

Bright Vision Transcription Services established in 1999 with its office at Blacktern Way Carmel Indiana, USA with its head office at Robbins Place, Austin, TX, USA.  Bright Vision now have operations in Canada & Pakistan.  Bright Vision has established it’s a continental office in Adelaide Australia. The offshore office is in Lahore Pakistan.

BVSTP organization is a team of 20 years + experienced transcription professionals across the board and highly committed management with the core objective to serve our customers with the best possible quality in shortest turn around time.

Quality & TAT

We ensure 99.5% quality with the minimum turnaround time 4 hrs or as per the requirement of our valued clients.

Transcription Services

Dictate 24hours, 7days a week to our state of the art digital dictation system.

Client Specific Process Manager

Client Manager is responsible for each individual client to ensure quality turn around time and communication.

Hipaa & pipeda compliance

We are recognized for HIPAA and PIPEDA compliant medical services provider company specialized in medical transcription billing and legal transcription services.

We Work 24h a day - every day!

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Excellence in everything we do

Dictate Any Time You Choose

Bright Vision Transcription Service has been providing quality Medical Dictation and Medical Transcription Services for over 40 years. Our staff consists of the most experienced medical transcriptionists, the most advanced technologically equipped personnel and the friendliest customer service in the industry.

All work is confidential and our technology exceeds the standards set by HIPAA. Our staff of transcriptionists specializes in all types of documents, including medical, legal, corporate meetings, seminars and more.

Services We Provide

Medical Transcription

At Bright Vision, we provide medical transcription services for all major specialties

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Editing & Proof Reading

Our experienced medical editors/proofreaders review and edit medical reports to ensure

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EMR Case Management

Our Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Data Integrity Coordinators are well equipped to provide

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Front Desk Services Support

Our staff is well equipped to provide the following services to our clients

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Legal Transcription

A very basic definition of transcription is the taking of data in one format and transferring

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Data Conversion

Data conversion is the transfer of information from one format to another. This conversion

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Business Transcription

Every day, in every hospital, there are hundreds of patients who walk through the door

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Document Scanning

There are warehouses throughout this country filled with boxes of documents

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